ceramic trinket dishes

My ceramic trinket dishes finally got fired! I’m so excited-- the colors turned out beautifully, which is such a relief since these pieces took hours to hand paint and I wasn’t sure how the detail work would turn out as it was my first time using this specific brand of glaze. I'm happy the risk was worth it though! I’m loving these so hard right now and wouldn't want them to look any other way.

These four trinket dishes are hand built and hand painted, one-of-a-kind pieces and each one was individually sculpted from stoneware with a soft cream color and glazed with a glossy finish. This set of ceramics was inspired by tropical florals and reminds me of trips to Hawaii I took with my family growing up. I think my favorite is the palm fronds on the pink background, but it's really hard to say with the hibiscus pattern hanging around!

ceramic trinket dishes2.jpg