balloons for baby

My boss is having a baby! Lately, I feel like so many people in my life or on the edges of it are just starting families. It’s really cute to hear about friends’ loved ones expecting little ones and how excited everyone is to meet their new additions. At my last workplace, one of my favorite coworkers and her husband had their first baby, a beautiful girl. My coworker was an incredible human before she became a mom, but in the conversations I’ve had with her since, she’s just got this unending well of love for her baby girl. We FaceTimed, and I could just see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice. It’s like if someone’s heart couldn’t get any bigger, it did. There’s something that feels so special to me about knowing someone before they become a parent, because when they do you get to watch them grow into this new version of themselves because of the love they have for the little being they brought into the world. Agh, babies just make me so mushy. Some people love dogs. I love dogs, but babies, don’t even with me. Babies are straight up magic. They’re just innocent and pure little people who have so much potential to change the world!

To celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of her own baby girl, my boss hosted a shower for friends and family to celebrate at her home. Pinks and corals and blush tones set the color palette for the party, and I got to add my own personal touch with some drink bar bubblies! A balloon garland makes anything more festive, and I think it gave the drink station some pop. I had fun assembling the garland in the nursery the night before the shower, listening to a podcast about Avengers: Infinity War and taking a break to eat dinner with her family and sample the bomb Korean food her super sweet mother-in-law made. I'm so excited for my boss and the rest of her family to meet her little girl! Check out the photos below to see how it all turned out!

stacys baby shower.png

Photography by Yuka Lu and myself
Floral design by Marita Kawaguchi